Human relationships, empathy and compassion: they create the glue that connects us!

We appear to be existing in a time in this world (and often in educational systems) where the focus seems to be on things such as power, programs, policies, politics, plans, and procedures. It feels like decision makers sometimes overlook the most important "P word" of all: PEOPLE! The Glue EDU aspires to be a place where we can share lessons, activities, ideas, resources and more that help us work with our students to become human beings who are courageous, curious, and caring  - both to themselves and to others.  This could be through mindfulness activities, acts of service, global projects, storytelling, perspective shifting, and more!  Many of these activities can harness the power of technology to help us be even more effective and/or wide-reaching.  Please check out our blog for regular updates and ideas.

What is this site about?








Nothing sticks together if we don't! Feeling more connected to ourselves, others and our planet can only help the world become a better place. Educating our students in a way that fosters these connections is incredibly important work. Let's join as a community where we can support each other in doing it together!

When searching for synonyms for "glue" and other related words, some real gems appeared. They helped become inspiration for this site's creation and mission. See the word cloud below.  


Why "the Glue"?